Best Office Chair for Overweight Person [Buyer Guide]

Let’s get comfy; Weight consideration and stay hassle-free on your place are the main priority for office workers who are working for a long duration at the office.

chair for overweight person

Struggles of an overweight body are well understood by those who have been through the grueling experience. So, finally, we have here something for you which, unlike even the air, wouldn’t add on to your already enlarged body!

Being a flabbier person, you have to be very careful about every particular thing which you are using in routine such as shoes, attire, and furniture in a very easy and way to a pocketbook.

Why try to fit in somewhere instead of creating our own space? The best office chair for an overweight person that we have sifted out for you today helps you create your own more comfortable and relaxed space.

When it comes to office chairs, you don’t need just any chair, but one that, with its ergonomic design, supports your body posture. A poor sitting etiquette owing to a wrong chair can land you with muscular and back pain, which in the long run can result in even bigger problems.

For instance; a high level of surface pressure can constrict blood vessels in underlying tissues, restricting blood flow, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and others which the sitter experiences as discomfort. If you keep on a chair a lot then, don’t rely on a near to the ground feature underrated chair you will scorn soon so.

The more comfortable you are at your workplace, the higher your productivity is. Hold on a little longer to know more about choosing your perfect office chair.

Do Office Chairs Have A Weight Limit?

A frequently asking matter that we find for office chairs is “how much load an office chair can bear”?

There is no one-size-fits-all tack with the office chairs. Everyone has a different body shape, size, weight, and height. Also, personal preferences too vary.

Therefore, in line with these demands, seats having different weight limits are present in the market. The standard office chair holds 250 pounds of weight.

These can hold only lightweight people. However, even if you weight less than 250 pounds, the chair you pick should have a weight capacity of around 350 pounds so that you have more space for yourself.

The big and tall chairs can host about 300 to 800 pounds. This means anyone weighing above 250 pounds should look for a larger capacity chair with weight limits ranging to 800 pounds.

Best Office Chair For Plus Size

Thus, we have a list of suitable and desire chairs for plus size populaces, which are available in very contemptible prices, you can pick your good one and get feel comfy at your place. So, here it is.

1. Heavy-duty executive chair for 500lbs

The heavy-duty executive chair by Payhere would not let your weight block the path to your comfort! The ergonomic design of the big and tall executive chair is so snugly that you can doze off in it, completely oblivious to your surroundings.

The polyurethane upholstery has a high-density sponge stuffing, with equally generous padding to the armrests. The plushy seat exerts minimum pressures on your buttocks so that every time you stand up, you don’t have to wake up your little fellow from its deep slumber.

The segmented padded back, integrated headrest, and cushioned armrests support your body posture. The three together contoured to your body, reduce pressure on your back, neck, lumbar, and spine.

The 5-point nylon wheels flatten the base of the chair. These wheels spread out to provide you with stability. Unlike the rubber wheels, you won’t have to drag the chair, mustering every ounce of energy in your body.

The silent wheels quietly and swiftly give you a 360 degrees mobility without as much sound as a dropping of a pin. The tilt control system of the chair holds your body securely while you recline on the chair.

You can settle on a convenient position given the chair reclines from 90 degrees to 120 degrees. The big and tall executive chair is cut out for the job!

  • Quality Materials
  • Adjustable Height
  • Ultra plush cushioning
  • 360-Degree Casters
  • Reclines too far back
  • Piston might lose Air
  • Screws loosely tight

2. Zenith High Back Mesh Office chair with lumbar Support

The interminable hours spent in the office, whereby your eyes guiltily linger around the wall clock, become unbearable if you are made to sit in an uncomfortable chair.

Not only does it impact your work, but you can end up with severe body pain and a distorted body posture. The Zenith High Back Mesh office chair can prove to be your savior, especially for those who are dealing with sciatica pain.

The sturdy chair with an integrated frame adds stability and greater support. The chair doesn’t discriminate between weights and offers maximum comfort to the seat.

The spacious and cushioned seat holds 300 pounds, while the incorporated lumbar support, headrest, armrests, and tilt are benign to your body.
You can recline in the chair to find a more optimal position for yourself to work in, with the lock at the bottom helping you you fix it in that stable place.

The tilt lock has a knob also adjusts the height of the chair to your liking. The mesh back makes the chair breathable. If you are someone who sweats profusely, freedom at last!

You won’t be wringing out sweat from your shirt. It is a cool material with the mesh allowing the flow of air to keep your back cool. However, on the downside, the headrest is not adjustable. If you are short, you must check the rest of the chairs.

  • Built-in lumbar support
  • Tilt Lock Mechanism
  • Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment
  • Seat cushion worn out
  • No proper Padding
  • Wheels jamming and locking issue

3. Ergonomic Office Chair with Adjustable Headrest

The Ergousit ergonomic office chair is one of the best chairs you can purchase for the long stints at your desk. The longevity of the chair has a stamp of high-quality materials employed for its construction.

As if overweight doesn’t have its issues, that we would want to add on the embarrassment of breaking a chair, right?! The nylon wheels attached to the robust metal base provide silent mobility to the chair.

The full mesh seat and back keep you cool. The mesh seat is soft and comfortable to sit on so that you spend a painless day. Some of the users also praise the chair for helping them deal with chronic lower back issues.

The back support of the chair is designed to mold around your body, which is a relief for waist, neck, or shoulder pain. The Ergousit ergonomic office chair has a capacity of holding 370 lbs, with the sturdy frame and built, making sure that the chair doesn’t lose its shape even after years.

With mesh material wrapping, the swivel desk chair has adjustable headrest and armrests that take adjustable angles so that the day-long work doesn’t tire you. Let’s roll to the path of success silently!

  • Ergonomic Design Based on Human Spine
  • Full Mesh Cushion
  • Large Bearing Capacity
  • Heavy-duty metal base
  • Not for really short people
  • Head rest broking issue
  • Low quality Material

4. Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair

Your gaming chair is your throne. You sit upon it and conquer the gaming world! The ergonomic high-back racing chair is a reliable option for a throne. You can sit on it for hours without your buttocks getting all sore and numb with the day’s sitting.

With the task of stimulating the correct posture, the leather chair is perfectly crafted. The liberally padded seat is cozy to sit on and has a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

The full length back provides support to your back, neck, and shoulders. This extreme comfort is owed to the premium polyurethane leather giving your body both peace and comfort.

A stable base is essential in terms of stability and support. The five-point base, with weight-activated wheels, is large enough for the task.

You can glide smoothly and without rocking the foundation of your gaming room. The safety braking system remains intact and operational to stop unwanted chair movements.

The adjustable ultra-durable armrests support your arms in any position that you feel comfortable with. Being a gaming chair, Homall was well aware of the mood fluctuations, eagerness, and aggressiveness of the player, which is manifest in its sturdy yet flexible construction and desirable features.

  • Multi-function
  • Ergonomic design detail
  • Sturdy frame
  • Low built quality
  • Leather stitching issue

5. Swivel Ergonomic Task Office Chair by Flash Furniture

Getting maximum value at the lowest price is equivalent to hitting the jackpot, isn’t it? The Swivel ergonomic office chair by Flash Furniture is your jackpot.

If you are overweight and on a tight budget, this chair is your knight in shining armor. However, this chair won’t just woo you with a low price. There is more that it has to offer.

The plushy leather seat and back sit atop a metal base. It is well balanced so that the chair doesn’t impair the bodily structure.

The backrest of the chair is as such to relax all the pressure points in your body. The lower part of the seat provides firm lumbar support with its rounded shape.

The well-rounded chair gets stiff and firm with raised height. You will barely feel anything at its lowest height, though.

Despite being not adjustable, the armrests can be moved up and down. The spacious seat is comfortable to sit on and improves the blood circulation in the body.

The healthy blood flow due to the thickly padded seat reduces pressure in your back so that the blood circulation in the legs is not hindered. Otherwise, you can experience muscle pulls and numbness when you stand up.

  • Mid-Back Design
  • 400 lb. Weight Capacity
  • Built-In Lumbar Support
  • Lean back issue
  • Doesn’t support more than 350 lbs

How Does the Chair Support Weight?

A chair that is suitable for you is one that can support your body weight most effectively. It does so by providing:

Lumbar Support: The perfect big and tall office chair provides lumbar support. The height and depth control allows adjustment. The right adjustment level is assured when after leaning, your spine feels supported. The lumbar assistance panels evenly distribute your body weight.

The Headrest and Armrests: The Headrest and armrests are to give you an erect posture so that you don’t lean over your table. Constantly bending for more extended periods results in a hunched body.

Seat Depth: Recommended is 16.5″ for fixed seats and 14-18.5″ for adjustable seats. If the seat depth is greater than the buttock-popliteal length.

Seat Width: Around 20 – 22″ If a seat has armrests then elbow to elbow breadth may be more relevant.

Thick Padding of Seat: The generous layers of padding helps in putting up with long office hours. The extra padding is to release pressure exerted on your legs and posterior, which would otherwise cause numbing of legs.

Final Verdict
Being overweight might not be an ideal thing and sometimes is not in your control. However, restricting yourself and fearing embarrassment at every little thing is in your control and should definitely not be a choice.

These best office chairs for big structured people, allow you to expand your creativity comfortably while holding on to self-confidence.

Big or small, we need to be relaxed and not distracted for our brains to do its job. These ergonomic office chairs come with solid shape, top-notch quality, and desirable features that make sure your body doesn’t have to suffer any pain or muscular injury. Of course, personal likings do matter.

Therefore, the above list includes something for everyone. It is only wise to purchase something that your body feels welcoming, for instance, despite the acing features, the Zenith mesh back chair doesn’t have an adjustable headrest.

It might seem a small defect. However, it can prove troublesome for people with short heights. So, go through these best office chairs and check out one that would match your preferences.

If you feel we are missing out on any chair that could further help people feel free to let us know!

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