Best Gaming Chairs for Adults [Ultimate Guide]

Gaming chairs sure sound like royalty. So should you even care about a chair? All it does is help you sit, after all, doesn’t it? Well, the answer is NO.

Gaming Chairs for Adults are worthy investments, just like your peripherals, headsets, and graphic cards. Not only does a gaming chair provide you good back support but it also helps in maintaining a good sitting posture.

gaming chairs for adults

Whether you play games just to kill time on the weekends or you are an emerging pro in the esports world, a good gaming chair can help you take over your competition comfortably and smoothly.

In other words, if you don’t have a sturdy and accommodating gaming chair as of yet, you need to get one soon. A good chair comes down to a handful of factors. From lumbar support and armrests to adjustability and aesthetics, the best chairs should be practically durable and comfortable.

But is it confusing to choose a chair and you don’t know where to start? There’s nothing to fret over. Below, we will take you through 7 best gaming chairs for adults. We have handpicked these chairs to suit different preferences and tastes. In this way, you can find the perfect chair for your next adventure in no time.

Are Mesh Chairs good for Gaming?

For decades, gaming chairs have been made from leather and foam padding. But now, gaming chairs are increasingly made from mesh as well to increase comfort and support.

Mesh is very popular because of the constant airflow that can keep you cool, unlike traditional gaming or office chairs. Plus, it provides extra cushioned support for the back. Because of its rise in popularity, you can find a plethora of mesh chairs in the market.

However, mesh chairs can be either too stiff or sag. On the other hand, mesh chairs can be difficult to clean. But if comfort and aesthetics are your call, buying a mesh chair will be a good choice.

The Best Gaming Chairs for Adults

Here’s our list of top 7 picks to upgrade your gaming experience.

1. Musso Contoured Racing Gaming Chair for Adults

TypeRacing Chair
MaterialPU Leather
Reclining Angle90 to 180 degrees
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Adjustable Height18.20 to 21.9 inches

The first gaming chair in our list is the well-known Musso Contoured Racing Gaming Chair. With an ergonomic design, this marvelous chair comes with a segmented padded design that ensures top-notch support and comfort during play.

The chair is completely elevated with memory foam. It features an adjustable armrest, which can be easily removed or adjusted according to your needs. One of the key features of the chair is the material used in manufacturing the chair, that is, PU Leather.

Combined with a high-density sponge, the chair comes with a built-to-last quality. How good does it sound?

Moving on, the chair guarantees to provide exceptional comfort. For this, it has lumbar pillows and seat cushions. To support your posture, it features a high backrest, which is particularly useful if you are tall. In the same way, the greater width of the chair means that it can provide support to even the big gamers out there.

The chair can also lean back and rock smoothly because of its sturdy structure. You may need the help of your buddy to put this chair together though. But if you are looking for quality and durability, this chair can do the deeds.

  • Ergonomic Designs
  • Exceptional Comfort
  • Good Quality Material
  • Adjustable Height:
  • Grasp losing issue
  • Not for big People

2. Acethrone PC Gaming Chair with Armrests

TypeGaming/Office/Desk Chair
Reclining Angle90 to 125 degrees
Weight capacity300 lbs
Adjustable Height18.11 – 21.26 inches

The gaming chair you are seeing right now is truly a unique find, all thanks to its special honeycomb back with a covering of mesh. The back of this chair is carefully designed in order to improve the stimulation of blood and oxygen in your body.

After all, numbness and stiffness occurs very often when you have to sit for longer periods of time, which can, in turn, affect your performance. In this way, this gaming chair not only aims to provide you good support while sitting but also guarantees to prevent numbness and muscle fatigue.

Other features of this gaming chair include the classic butterfly shape, raised flank, and sponge material. The use of mesh means this chair elevates airflow, keeping the chair cool enough for hours of gaming.

To support the posture, it comes with adjustable armrests, which is not present in many chairs in the market. You can also move it in a 360-degree swivel, although it has a lower recline angle and no function to lock the angle. Yet, at a very reasonable price, this chair is sure to provide you quality support. It is considered as one of the best budget gaming chairs for adults.

  • Master of Ergonomics Chair
  • Live for Gaming and Racing
  • Multiple Device
  • Extra Effort
  • Foam torn out issue
  • Back Adjustment working issue

3. Vertagear S-Line 2000 Racing Series Gaming Chair

TypeRacing Chair
MaterialPVC Leather
Reclining Angle90 to 140 degrees
Weight capacity330 lbs
Adjustable Height (including the base)49.2 to 53.2 inches

If you are looking for a rather aesthetic chair, then this one is for you. The ultra-premium Vertager S-Line 2000 Gaming Chair comes with an effortless assembly design. This means you can install and put everything together in the chair just by yourself in a timely manner.

The gaming chair is meant to last with you for a very long time, as it has a steel frame and a high-density resilience foam. If you want to do a one-time investment in a good chair, then Vertagear provides a good opportunity.

The chair further comes with an additional headrest pillow made from memory foam, a comfortable cushion, adjustable armrests, and constructive lumbar support. Plus, you can get this chair in 10 different color shades, including Black/Green, White/Purple, Black/Red, Tsm, Black/Blue, and White/Green.

It has a lumbar support up to 140 degrees, which is comparatively lesser than other chairs. Despite this, it can provide you comfortable and adjustable backrest.

A great feature of this chair is the locking system by which you can turn the knob to increase or decrease the tension and rock without any pushing.

  • Effortless Assembly
  • Reinforced 5-Star Base
  • 2.5″ / 65mm racing stylist caster coated
  • Extra accessories
  • Arm broken issue after long use
  • Overpriced

4. AKRacing Core Series LX Gaming Chair with High Back

TypeGaming Chair
MaterialPU Leather
Reclining Angle90 to 180 degrees
Weight capacity330 lbs
Adjustable Height14.2 to 17.3 inches

The next gaming chair in our list is from a renowned company, AKRacing. What we love the most about this chair is its 3D armrests. Yes, this means you can adjust your armrests up and down or back and forth, unlike other chairs in the market.

You can also rotate them to different sides. The further outstanding specs of this chair include adjustable headrest and lumbar support pillows. This ensures that you can have the optimum support and comfort while playing.

With its top-notch Class 4 Gaslift, AKRacing provides you the ultimate power of adjusting your chair. Other than their amazing features, the AKRacing chairs are also well-known for their 5-year warranty, something that is very difficult to find in the world of gaming chairs.

Its stability and quality is quite impressive as well. It has an adjustable rocking function with 180 degrees. Despite being a bit costly, the chair comes with many beneficial features that may be worth the investment. You can get it in five different colors.

  • PU leather (Front and Back)
  • Durable metal frame
  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar support
  • 3D Armrests (Adjustable)
  • QC lacking issue
  • Small neck Pillow

5. AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair 

TypeGaming Chair
MaterialPU Leather
Reclining Angle90 to 180 degrees
Weight capacity400 lbs
Adjustable Height18.20 to 21.9 inches

Another AKracing chair? We sure do love the company’s products for being unique and top-quality. And here’s the thing. If 3D armrests didn’t convince you much, we are sure you will love 4D armrests. Yes, the Masters Series Max Gaming Chair from AKracing comes with 4D armrests.

This means that other than up, down, back, forth, and sides, you can move your armrest in and out as well. How interesting.

The combination of adjustable headrest, lumbar support pillows, wide metal frame, and high-quality material is definitely a success formula. And a capacity of 400 lbs, together with a heavy duty gaslift, makes it an absolute favorite choice for tall and big gamers.

Its aluminum base makes it much stronger and sturdier than the chairs having bases made of steel. And the overall look? Simply put, we are fans. Just like the previous AKRacing masterpiece, this chair comes with a heavy price tag. But we will say it once again. Some chairs are simply worth investing in.

  • Top quality PU leather
  • Wide metal frame
  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar support
  • 4D Armrests (Adjustable)
  • Uncomfortably issue

6. Vertagear TSM Racing Series Gaming Chair

TypeGaming Chair
MaterialPVC Leather
Reclining Angle80 to 140 degrees
Weight capacity330 lbs
Adjustable Height (including the base)49.2 to 53.2 inches

If you want to make a statement with your gaming chair, then Vertagear TSM chair is the one you are looking for. Together with being an ultra-comfortable gaming chair, the outstanding product from Vertagear comes in a variety of colors.

If black and white isn’t your call, you can add more style to your chair with hints of blue, green, purple, or red. Although a reclining angle of only 140 degrees may not sound very appealing, the chair guarantees durability and high resilience.

To support your neck, it has a memory foam on the top. Another one comes with the chair for lumbar support. The easy design of this chair means you won’t have to break much sweat for putting it together, something we all want from our purchases.

Overall, you won’t like going back to your standard office chair again once you get your hands over this one. Talking about cleaning the chair, then you can easily get rid of dirt and even some liquid spills from the material. What a relief!

  • One-person installation
  • Steel Frame and Ultra Premium HR(High Density)
  • Heavy-duty Aluminum Alloy Material
  • Additional Memory Foam
  • Hard as a Rock
  • Durability

7. FANTASYLAB Massage Memory Foam Gaming Chair

TypeGaming Chair
MaterialPU Leather
Reclining Angle90 to 155 degrees
Weight capacity400 lbs
Adjustable Height (including the base)51.2 to 53.5 inches

Just like its name suggests, this chair is truly from the fantasy of the gaming geeks. The FANTASYLAB’s insanely comfy chair features a super comfortable memory foam padding and adjustable massage option.

That means goodbye to neck and spine pain. On top of it, the breathable and soft PU leather retains less heat and keeps you cool during the long sessions of play. And did we say it comes with its own version of 3D armrests? The chair is surely a champion in practicality and feasibility.

A major downside of this chair, however, is its low reclining angle. With so many chairs offering 180-degree reclining angle, 155-degree doesn’t catch the eye.

But sure if you are a gamer who doesn’t need to recline so much on the chair, you can go for this outstanding product. Another great feature of this chair is its heavy and sturdy construction. After all, it can bear up to 400 lbs. Overall, if you spend a lot of time in a chair, you should seriously consider this one. It is considered as one of the Best gaming chairs for adults

  • Most comfortable Chair
  • Every part is adjustable
  • High Security
  • Extra large for Extra comfort
  • High Price

Which Gaming Chair does Ninja use?

If you are part of the fantastic world of gaming, then Ninja must be a familiar name for you. The professional gamer is mostly known for his streams and love for Fortnite.

So it makes sense that many of his fans out there or those inspired by him will love to know about his gaming chair. Currently, Ninja has a Maxnomic gaming chair that was custom designed by NeedforSeat. Previously, he has also used AKracing, Dxracer, and Techni chairs, as well as standard office chairs.

This chair has everything that one can need – adjustable backrest, lumbar support, adjustable heights, armrests, and tilt angles. Although this chair is a limited edition, you can get something close like his chair.


A gaming chair is not a fancy word for an office chair. Instead, gaming chairs come under the category of their own, making them highly vital if you spend much of your time playing competitive esports. We agree that even if you want a chair, finding the right one can be quite daunting (there are hundreds of gaming chairs you can get online).

This is why our guide is carefully designed to give you a strong head start. We have spent considerable time in researching the best gaming chairs for adults across various factors. We have also read customer or user reviews to see what people love the most.

In this way, you can grab one of these chairs for yourself and make your gaming journey a smooth ride. On the other hand, you can also conduct further research according to the features we have highlighted above and see if you can find a better chair.

The fact is there is a great chair for every gamer. Whether you want something aesthetic or anything more practical, you can get your ideal chair within the budget. Let us know in the comments what kind of gaming chair you use.

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