Best Gaming Chair With Speakers [2020 UPDATE]

Thinking of a gaming session? Alright, just one? Snap out of it! You are nothing but fooling yourself. Everyone knows this how quick this one session turns into an all-night gaming session without track of time. Nothing but the twitching and aching of your muscles break this trance.

You need a gaming chair on which you can spend hours comfortably, and that with its functionality makes your gaming more fulfilling. Only a true gamer understands the need to remain on top of the game by retaining the energy level throughout the game.

best gaming chair with speakers

A large portion of this energy is connected to a comfortable and functional chair. Sitting in an uncomfortable position for long will affect not only your game but your body posture too.

Maybe the pain might subside with time, but the repercussions, in the long run, can harm your body. Therefore, chairs made exclusively for gaming offer the best solution.

The gaming chairs are a priority of the gamers, and only they can appreciate them. However, apart from the looks and satisfaction of owning one, the gaming chairs have their benefit and importance.

With every passing time, constant upgradations are being made to introduce chairs that work well with the needs of the gamer. Chairs with in-built sound systems are a pure delight for the gamers and paired with a wireless system; it is heaven!

Without further due, let’s check some of the best gaming chair with speakers you can find for yourself that will make you more inclined to play.

Top 10 Gaming Chair with Speakers

These top 10 gaming chairs are cherry-picked for you among the overwhelming number of gaming chairs that fill up the markets. Keeping your comfort as the prime constant, many of these are a treat to your pockets.

The chairs provide ultra-plush seating and pre-installed speakers with subwoofers to create a lively gaming atmosphere. Each of them might differ in-built and quality, however, each strives to serve the same purpose.

Check out top best gaming chair with speakers reviews below that offer insight into the gaming chairs world. You will set foot in the markets with a better understanding of what to expect and what you need.

#1 X Rocker 5142201 Commander 2.1 Chair

Commander 2.1 Gaming Chairs with sound

Item Dimensions27.5 x 22 x 21 in
Item Weight42.9 lbs
Material TypePolyester, Faux Leather, Textile
Customer Rating3.8 out of 5

The pocket friendly X Rocker 5142201 commander 2.1 gaming chairs with speakers comes with a range of impressive features that, with its superior functionality, target your comfort and gaming performance. Loaded with useful features, the chair is packed in an ergonomic design, reduces tautness of the muscles, and relieves stress in your body resulting from sitting in a single position for a more extended period.

The polyester fabric is a light and airy material. Being light does not affect the strength of the material. It provides the chair with adequate ventilation. The long hours spent on the chair won’t leave you with sweat patches on your back, as the airflow keeps your body cool and fresh. The enduring material will remain with you for long if the chair is used with care.

The 2.1 sound system of the chair allows you to customize the sound feature for a more immersive gaming session. Housing two speakers that each consists of a sub-woofer utilizing AFM technology that produces top-notch sound from the entire back of the chair instead of just the headrest. The speakers play any audio that comes from a device with RCA outputs or headsets.

The easily accessible control panel is placed at the side of the chair so that you don’t have to move around much. You can plug in various devices on the input and output slots. The tilt mechanism helps in maintaining the correct sitting position.

  • All purpose gaming chair with speakers
  • Immersive wireless media experience
  • Durable easy to clean material
  • Compatibility
  • Comfortably issue
  • Not for adults


#2 Modern-Depo Gaming Chair with Bluetooth

Modern-Depo Gaming Chair with Bluetooth speakers

Item Dimensions27.6 x 20.9 x 54.3 inches
Item Weight43.9 pounds
MaterialPVC Leather
Customer Rating3.9 out of 5

The vibrant modern-depo gaming chair is not only all looks but comes with ultra-comfort for the gamers. The seat is designed to add to your entertainment and make your gaming sessions more enjoyable.

The plush body-hugging chair has a thick padded seat. The armrests are adjustable to bring it to the height of your comfort. The removable lumbar support and headrest hold the structure of the seat firmly to protect from structural ailments.

The chair has a durable PU covering. The thick and soft covering doesn’t put pressure on your body so that you don’t have aching joints and stressed muscles.

The high back chairs are very supportive during the long hours, where your back cries for comfort. To Provide the chair with the stability to be able to hold the body weight without tipping, there are nylon smooth-rolling casters. These wheels add mobility to the chair without much effort on your part and rocking the foundation of your room with screeching noise.

The sleek chair has a swivel ad tilting mechanism. These offer the liberty to position the chair where you attain maximum comfort and a correct posture. The sound system works in tandem with all the other features to make your gaming sessions smashing.

  • Music gaming chair
  • Ergonomic design
  • High quality
  • Multifunction
  • Utility recliner
  • Armrest are lose


#3 X-Rocker 5172801 Ace Bayou Vibe Chair

gaming chairs with speakers ps4

Item Dimensions23.62 x 14.57 x 17.69 in
Item Weight26.39 lbs
Material TypeUpholstery grade polyuret
Customer Rating4.4 out of 5

The Ace Bayou 5172801 vibe chair is another great chair by X-Rocker. The easily foldable chair sits right on the floor and saves you space. It is because of being foldable that the chair is portable so that even if it’s a joint gaming night with friends, you don’t have to leave behind the chair that keeps you charged.

Despite being budget-friendly, the eyes appealing chair does not compromise on any feature. The arched design of the chair doesn’t hamper your mobility. In fact, it aids it.

You can rock and tilt the chair during the most intense time of the game without fearing any damage to both your body or the chair. You will find the control panel on your right, which is placed to increase accessibility.

The excellent sound system comes with a subwoofer and a 2.1 Bluetooth stereo sound. The sound system offers a more immersive experience since you can feel the music sensations throughout the chair. With the music close to you, you get the push you need to perform well.

Use headphones if you want to cut down sound for those who might get disturbed. Otherwise, use the volume and bass control to set the tone to your liking.

  • Rocker gaming chair with speaker
  • Bluetooth receiver
  • Additional vibration motors
  • Compatibility
  • Wireless media
  • Connects with multiple chairs
  • Speaker issues
  • Not padded well enough


#4 X Rocker Pro 51259 H3 Audio Gaming Chair

X Rocker Pro 51259 H3 Audio Gaming Chair

Item Dimensions29.13 x 22.05 x 20.87 in
Item Weight17.34 lbs
Material TypeDurable Wood and metal frame covered with padded vinyl
Customer Rating4.1 out of 5

X Rocker Pro 51259 H3 zeroes in on two crucial factors that make your gaming and multimedia experience exceptional- audio and comfort.

Although X Rocker has maintained a simple design, the chair comes packed with impressive features that take gaming to a whole next level. The chair is generously padded, which offers cushion-like comfort. The gunstock arms position your hands in a convenient style.

The seamless and detailed stitching of the chair stays rock solid even during the most aggressive of the gaming times. The ergonomic shape and adequate padding throughout the length of the chair provide excellent support to your back so that you do not contract any lower-back pain issues.

The sound system of the chair comprises of four singular side-facing speakers that work along with a subwoofer. The subwoofers can be synced with vibrators for you to feel each beat.

There is a side panel for media connectivity and volume settings on the right of the chair. All the necessary cables come with the packing of the chair.

There is no set up required as the chair comes in one piece, ready to use. Although the chair is slightly heavy and large, the folding option helps you in saving space, especially in compact spaces.

  • All purpose gaming chair
  • Complete media experience
  • Additional vibration motors
  • Compatibility
  • Connect with multiple chairs
  • Low sound
  • Outdated AUX cables


#5 X Rocker 5143601 Video Gaming Chair

X Rocker 5143601 Video and audio Gaming Chair

Item Dimensions27.75 x 18.5 x 17.5 in
Item Weight44.09 lbs
Material TypeFoam
Customer Rating4.3 out of 5

The inviting X Rocker 5143601 sports a plushy and elegant design, which makes it an instant buy. The sturdy and robust built of the chair is accentuated with leather emanating vinyl covering with contrasting silver accents of arms and rocker. The gently sloping back chair supports the lumbar region so that you do not develop any back issues.

The built-in sound system is a winning feature of the chair. The accompanying cables allow connection to any output device that supports 3.5mm or RCA audio output.

There are two speakers placed at the top right of the chair that come along with subwoofers to give you a more engaging experience. The crisp and clear audio has adjustable bass allowing you to punch up the sounds for an entertaining gaming journey.

The output/input control panel on the right side of the seat is simple to use. The foldable construction of the chair facilitates use without the hassle of assembling the chair.

The lightweight construction makes it portable and easy to store. Maintenance of the chair is equally simple. You need just a cloth to wipe off any dirt on the surface of the chair. The chair would look brand new for a considerable period.

  • All purpose gaming chair
  • Immersive media experience
  • Headphone jack
  • Compatibility
  • Connect with multiple chairs
  • Stitching ripping issue
  • Outdated technology
  • Audio Issue


#6 V Rocker 5130301 Wireless Gaming Chair

V Rocker 5130301 Wireless Gaming Chair

Item Dimensions25.2 x 18.4 x 16.4 in
Item Weight29 lbs
Material Typefoam
Customer Rating4.1 out of 5

The V Rocker 5130301 wireless gaming chair elevates your gaming experience by mesmerizing all your senses. The oversized design of the chair has a breathable wrapping.

The mesh material used in the construction of the chair makes sure your body remains relaxed with the flow of air. The rocking chair helps you in the most aggressive and intense gaming time so that you can spend hours playing without your body crying out for help.

It has a wireless audio transmitter and two front-facing speakers on the sides of the headrest. The speakers come along with a sub-woofer. Together the two help you feel every beat of the game or movie that you watch keeping the adrenaline pumping throughout the intense time and energy level soaring.

The control panel comes on the side of the chair, which is more accessible and easy to use. You can control volume, check bass, and utilize the input/output jacks. You also have the freedom to use headphones so that you don’t disturb others while you play.

The chic chair has a foldable construction making it easy for you to carry it and store it to save space. It is easy to maintain the cleanliness of the vinyl material by wiping off dirt and stain. The chair supports your body brilliantly for ultimate comfort.

  • All purpose gaming chair
  • Immersive media experience
  • Extra comfort
  • Headphone Jack and adjustable volume
  • Compatibility
  • Stereo is not responsive
  • Not for Xbox


#7 X Rocker 5129501 Deluxe Mesh Video Chair

X Rocker 5129501 Deluxe Mesh Video Chair

Item Dimensions33.07 x 24.04 x 40.94 in
Item Weight38.7 lbs
Material TypeMicrofiber
Customer Rating4.2 out of 5

The X Rocker 5129501 deluxe mesh video gaming chair has a superb seat surface that even during most intense gaming sessions gives a cushion-like comfort.

The high back chair has an ergonomic design that molds around your body, offering immense support. Hours race by without you feeling any pain or discomfort that can affect your gaming energy and performance.

The breathable surface means you won’t feel hot as the perfect ventilation of the chair through the mesh material doesn’t let moisture to build up. The back and neck support work in combination with a chamfered seat so that you do not tire yourself with all the gaming.

The chair makes sure you do not stress out your lower back, which if effected, can ruin your entire body posture.  The tilt and swivel option allows you to acquire a seating position that best suits you.

The chair houses two speakers near the headrest along with a 4-inch subwoofer at the back. Together they make your gaming sessions more adventurous as you can feel every move you take with the sound giving it a real look.

The control panel on the side of the chair has volume and bass controls and is capable of connecting you to other devices or chairs with the input/output jacks.

  • Star base gaming chair with speakers
  • Immersive wireless media experience
  • Deluxe breathable mesh
  • Connects with multiple chair
  • Ergonomic with Lumbar support
  • Does not work with Ps4


#8 X Rocker 5172601 Wireless Bluetooth Chair

X Rocker 5172601 Wireless Bluetooth Chair

Item Dimensions36.81 x 32.28 x 20.89 in
Item Weight36.16 lbs
Material TypeTextile
Customer Rating4.4 out of 5

The modish X Rocker 5172601 boasts of a sturdy built and top-notch performance. You might feel the absence of armrests, but the chair is spacious and large enough for you to power through your gameplay.

To save you both time and space the chair is foldable, making it super easy to assemble the chair, hop on it, and start your gaming adventure right away!

The combination of artificial leather and mesh make the chair comfortable and airy so that you do not get hot and get up with huge sweat patches on your shirt.

The panel control on the right of the seat allows wireless connectivity. Which means you don’t have to entangle yourself with the length of the cables that irritatingly knot together. However, the wireless option is limited to the audio feature only. You will need a power cord to plug it into an outlet.

The simple yet powerful control panel allows adjustment of volume and bass along with other options. The Bluetooth connectivity allows pairing up with Bluetooth devices.

The speaker is embedded on the right of the headrest that blasts high-quality sound. The modern design of the chair serves the modern gamer in every respect to improve and make your gameplay more exciting.

  • Race seat designed chair
  • Powerful subwoofer
  • Play audio wirelessly
  • Volume and bass controls,
  • Padding lost issues
  • Speaker failure issue


#9 X Rocker 5149201 Pedestal Gaming Chair

X Rocker 5149201 Pedestal Gaming Chair

Item Dimensions29.13 x 16.14 x 30.91 in
Item Weight18.3 lbs
Material TypeVinyl
Customer Rating3.9 out of 5

The throne-like X Rocker 5149201 pedestal gaming chair has a stylish, breathable fabric. The chic faux leather exterior makes the chair more inviting.

The high back chair with a curved design makes sure that your entire body structure gets optimum support. The curve at the bottom of the backseat aligns your spine so that you do not harm it. The comfortable chair allows blood flow through your legs and lower body so that you do not feel dizzy and tired upon standing.

The chair has an exceptional sound system. It has two speakers that work together with a 4-inch subwoofer at the outer side of the backrest.

The exclusive Audio Force Modulation technology reverberates the music throughout the chair to provide you with more immersive gaming experience. Whether you watch a movie sitting on it or play games, the sound system creates a realistic aura for an exceptional experience.

The wireless audio transmission saves you from the hassle of looking after cables. On the lower right side of the chair is a control panel which is user-friendly and easily accessible.

You have controls to adjust the volume and bass with input/output jacks lying next to these controls. You can connect to other chairs or any other device while you sit back and enjoy your game.

  • Breathable fabric seat
  • Resonating sound
  • Chair incorporates wireless audio transmission
  • Easy assembly
  • Need adapter to connect
  • Communicability issue
  • Vibrating feature not working properly


#10 X Rocker 5129101 Subwoofer Gaming Chair

X Rocker 5129101 Subwoofer Gaming Chair

Item Dimensions35.63 x 41.34 x 27.17 in
Item Weight44.8 pounds
Material TypeMicrofiber
Customer Rating4 out of 5

The X Rocker 5129101 offers you value at the lowest price. Without compromising on any of the features, the chair offers you extreme gameplay.

The immensely stylish chair will make you all too excited for every gaming session you plan. The surface of the chair is such that it makes your playing time cooler with the breathable mesh seat and easy to clean the microfiber faux suede exterior.

The ergonomic design of the chair provides back and neck support.  The gunstock armrests and the chamfered seat doesn’t let your body suffer from stress or fatigue.

The unhindered flow of blood throughout your body saves from all other body ailments that might otherwise occur. The tilt and swivel option is to help you acquire a position that aids in your game and supports your body.

The wireless media experience will excite the gamoholics. The wireless audio transmission saves you the trouble of keeping count of cables so that you don’t lose them without affecting the sound quality. The two sides of the headrest each has a speaker embedded in it that works together with a subwoofer at the back.

The low rumble of the music intensifies your gaming sessions. The connectivity with other devices and gaming chairs makes multi-gaming more fun.

  • Swivel pedestal game chair
  • Breathable mesh chair
  • Input and output jacks
  • Smooth chamfered seat
  • Color is PINKish
  • Hardware missing issue


Are Gaming Chairs Good For Posture?

Since sitting still for a longer period hunched on a chair can ruin your body postures, gaming chairs are increasingly being made to offer both style and an improved body posture. So, YES!

They do help you retain the correct body posture which if not maintained, even impairs your appearance and walking. The ergonomic design of the gaming chairs reduces back and lower pain to maintain a natural posture and reduce stress build-up.

The full length back and curve at the bottom caress your spine, which in addition to being essential is delicate. The comfortable chair, unlike many, improves the blood flow through the lower part of your body and legs.

A chair that makes you dizzy every time you get up is certainly not one to be used. The gaming chair is therefore designed to allow the blood to flow smoothly through your legs, so you do not experience any such things.

How long should a gaming chair last?

While the maximum life of a gaming chair is 2 years, care and proper use can extend this lifespan to 3-5 years. Along with the built, usage and care are two other factors that either extend or limit the life of the chair.

The usage factor, of course, depends on how frequently you use the chair. Make sure that the chair is not used for bungee jumping by kids in addition to being a favorite rocking and swiveling ride. Even though the chairs are designed to handle intense pressures, they must be used gently and with care.

When determining the built of the chair, the base, arms, cover, metal frame, and wheels must be focused. The cover is the first thing to wear off, therefore, select a brand with high-quality PU leather.

High-density foams would retain their shape even after years and should be chosen. Along with all the above things, the warranty period of the product speaks volume about the lifespan of the chair.

Are gaming chairs better than office chairs?

Although both gaming chairs and office chairs are designed to make long hours bearable and comfortable, the gaming chairs have several other features that are suited to your gaming needs.

It makes them stand out from office chairs. There are more adjustability options in a gaming chair that help through longer game periods. It is also essential for gamers to have multiple sitting options to gain maximum control over the game as well.

In comparison to office chairs, the gaming chairs are more cushiony so that the gamers enjoy maximum comfort. The level of back support that gaming chairs provide is far above that provided by office chairs.

Sitting on an office chair to play games can result in poor body posture and chronic stiffness. A gaming chair encourages proper spinal alignment and a healthy body posture. A gaming chair thus offers more comfort and adjustability to the gamer.


The above guide has some of the best gaming chair with speakers out there that offer you optimum gaming experience. They have features that turn your surroundings into a gaming den giving you more immersive gaming sessions.

The importance of owning a gaming chair by now might be understood. In addition to providing you body support and improving your body posture, a gaming chair does impact your gaming performance.

Distractions due to neck or back pain hold back your gaming potential. The chair would bring down stress in your body so that there is nothing that comes in the way of your performance.

The ergonomic chairs are essential in your daily life to enhance your sitting posture. You hips, pelvis, spine all are correctly aligned with the help of the chair so that you do not fall for slouching and hunching which have a very negative effect on your body.

To enjoy all the benefits of a gaming chair, it is best to have one. Since choosing a gaming chairs with speakers requires you to think over many factors, some of which are personal such as height and weight, there is a chair for everyone here!

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