Best Reclining Office Chairs with Footrest in 2020

Tired of your old chair and want to replace it with a good one? Want to alleviate yourself from all kinds of aches? Then, we got you covered. We have hunt down some of the best reclining office chairs with footrest that are worth investing in.

Reclining Office Chairs with Footrest

A stressful 9-5 job puts hectic pressure on most of us. For someone who has to work more than 50 hours a week while facing the computer, deal with tough decision-making processes or spend time with a plethora of clients, it can be very difficult to find a resting commodity.

It is no surprise why many employees suffer from Musculoskeletal Pain. And if you are one of them as well, then you need a reclining office chair with footrest.

It sounds like a luxury to most but reclining chairs are known for exuding comfort and coziness. They allow you to lie back in a relaxing position without having to compromise on your comfort.

This means that a reclining office chair fills in the gap for stretching and preventing stiffing. After all, that’s what a good chair should do – allow you to work for long hours without causing pain and discomfort.

With our guide, you will be able to make the right decision to enhance your comfort. So let’s dig in.

Why Reclining Office Chairs are good for the back?

Wondering whether you need to dump your old chair and get a reclining office chair instead? The answer is a big yes. Science proofs sitting back is better for your back. But before leaning in, you should remember that lumbar support is highly crucial.

Reclining office chairs that offer good lumbar support both the upper and lower back, allowing you to relax.

Back pain is one of the most frequently reported work-related disability around the world. And a poor sitting posture is a major reason for this issue. However, a reclining chair can provide you optimum support for keeping your back straight and preventing all the aches.

In the same way, with a footrest, you can elevate your feet and improve the blood flow from your legs and feet to the upper body.

This gives your lower back muscles and tendons some space to relax. Our back and core muscles constantly work to balance our upper and lower end of the body, experiencing tons of stress and pressure.

Sounds like something you’ll enjoy? Then, a reclining office chair is what you need. Forget the bland, unsupported office chairs. Your body deserves a break.

Best Reclining Office Chairs with Footrest

When it comes down to choosing the right office chair, there are a couple of elements that need to be considered.

This is why we limited our judging criteria to certain features, including only the best of the best reclining chairs in our list.

These include the ergonomic design, tilting functionality, material, reclining feature, and durability of the chairs. We have also focused on the pricing tag and this is why the following guide includes only the best reclining office chairs with footrest for under $200.

Ready to check what we got in store for you? Let’s start.

  1. RESPAWN Reclining Ergonomic Leather Chair with Footrest
  2. Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair with Lumbar Support
  3. REFICCER Big and Tall Reclining Leather Office Chair with Lumbar Support
  4. B2C2B Ergonomic Reclining Office Chair High Back Desk Chair
  5. DEVAISE Ergonomics Recliner Office Chair with Footrest Support
  6. HEALGEN Massage Gaming Chair Office Chair with Metal Base
  7. Modern-Depo Gaming Chair Recliner with Bluetooth 4.1 Speakers


  1. RESPAWN Reclining Ergonomic Leather Chair with Footrest

A concoction of luxury and style, the first reclining chair in our list is from everyone’s trusted brand Respawn. Ideal for gamers and tedious workers, this chair comes with a segmented padding design.

In this way, it provides ergonomic comfort of the highest level. With a 4D adjustability, it can be easily raised or lowered from angles between 90 – 155 degrees.

Made to be timeless, the Respawn 110 Racing Style Chair allows for a complete 360 degrees of swivel rotation.

Let’s not forget its lumbar support pillow, which comes attached to the chair via straps. And its sleek design topped with the sheer grey color is worthy to drool over. Despite this, its armrests are known to be quite discomforting because of a wobbly design.

  • Padded design
  • Extendable footrest
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Lumbar support pillows
  • 4D Adjustability
  • Durable
  • Uncomfortable armrests
  • No spring loaded back rest lean
  • Requires manually raising or lowering the chair without any spring support.

Final Thoughts

If you want to break away from traditional looking office chairs and revamp your workstation with a sleek reclining chair, this is the one you need to get. At this price value and a Limited Lifetime Warranty, if you can make peace with a shaky armrest and levers, this chair will work for you.

  1. Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair with Lumbar Support

If you are looking for a highly comfortable reclining chair with footrest, then you should get the premium Ergonomic Office Chair from Hbada.

When we say it provides excellent comfort, we mean it. Designed to provide all-day comfort, this chair comes with an ergonomic mesh that prevents humidity and heat from building up when sitting on the chair. Isn’t that fantastic?

What’s more alluring about this chair are the comfortable and adjustable seat features. All thanks to the waterfall seat cushion that is deemed to provide ultimate support to your spine.

Depending on your preference, it can bend both inward and outward, being one of the most flexible office chairs out there.

  • Comfortable Design
  • Durable & Stable
  • Sleek Reclining System
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Built-in lumbar support
  • Contemporary design unlike modern office reclining chairs
  • Non-adjustable armrest height

Final Thoughts

Most of us are concerned with functionality rather than the style of a chair. In this regard, Hbada Office Recliner Chair wins all the brownie points for being remarkably comfortable and cozy. With an adjustable seat, footrest, rotatable headrest, and lumbar support, this office chair will make 8 hours of work a breeze.

  1. REFICCER Big and Tall Reclining Leather Office Chair with Lumbar Support

Just like its name suggests, the Recficcer Big & Tall Reclining Office Chair is for all those who have a tall or big appearance. For most of us, it can be really daunting to find a robust reclining chair that can support the body size.

But this Recficcer Office Chair aims to beat all these difficulties. With a timeless aesthetic design, this chair can withstand weight up to a staggering 400 pounds.

This chair also has a back panel of about 31.5 inches, reflecting its sheer purpose. We really like the top-notch breathable leather covering the chair, making it elegant and comfortable.

With an ability to recline 175 degrees flat (yes, you read that right), it comes with lumbar support that can be adjusted with a knob situated on the right side of the chair. This makes it all so worthy of investment.

  • Comfortable & durable
  • Maximum flat reclining angle of 175 degrees
  • Internally built-in lumbar support
  • Padded design
  • Non-adjustable armrests
  • Narrow Footrest

Final Thoughts

Comfortable, sturdy, and adjustable, what else do you want in a chair? The Reficcer Big and Tall Reclining Office Chair is unbeatable when it comes down to providing ultimate support. With this chair and the right posture, you won’t have to worry about aches and pain anymore.

  1. B2C2B Ergonomic Reclining Office Chair High Back Desk Chair

Comfort comes first – that’s how we were introduced to the B2C2B Ergonomic Office Chair. And we can surely say that this top-notch chair lives up to this notion.

Luxuriously designed with a high-density sponge and soft PU Leather, this chair is designed to reduce backpressure, as well as fatigue, pertaining to the thick backrest and seat cushion that comes with it.

One of the reasons why we find this office chair unique is the adjustable armrest that can easily flip up. A great posture requires arms to be in a particular position.

Its armrest is thickly padded, providing ultimate support. In the same way, it has a thickly padded headrest, providing silk-like softness.

  • Built to last
  • Covered with soft PU leather
  • Easy to wash
  • Explosion-proof base made from stainless steel
  • Flip-up armrest
  • 135 degrees as the maximum reclining angle
  • No guarantee of warranty

Final Thoughts

This office chair speaks volumes of comfort and durability, as evident from the double layer cushion and padded design all over it. Combined with a luxury chair, this chair can provide you top-notch support for improving your posture.

  1. DEVAISE Ergonomics Recliner Office Chair with Footrest Support

Especially known for its double ergonomics feature, this reclining computer chair with footrest is extremely high-performing and good looking.

With a backrest designed with human-curve in mind, this office chair comes with a guarantee of easing back pain and providing superior comfort. It is further elevated with adjustable lumbar support, so it can cater to different height needs.

With an ability to recline from 90 to 160 degrees, it lays almost flat for personalized support. To withstand frequent usage, the base of the chair is made up of a heavy-duty base, guaranteeing stability and mobility.

And a tension control feature ensures the user to simply use the control handle for changing the tilting angles.

  • Voguish design
  • Maximum reclining angle of 160 degrees
  • Easy to control handle for changing the tilting angles
  • Breathable mesh material
  • Non-adjustable armrests
  • No guarantee of warranty

Final Thoughts

An investment that will turn into a worthy experience, the Devaise Ergonomics Recliner Office Chair can provide excellent value, support, and comfort. Moreover, the elegant and modern design of this recliner chair adds a jolt of eminence to it.

  1. HEALGEN Massage Gaming Chair Office Chair with Metal Base

Healgen is a heavy-duty office chair that is designed for all those who work tediously for more than 6 hours, requiring optimum comfort and support to ensure productivity.

Large size seat, lumbar cushion, headrest pillow, and seat cushion, this gaming chair comes with multiple support features for its users.

Unlike many office chairs, the Healgen chair comes with a moveable armrest that can be adjusted up, down, right, and left. Wondering about its material? It’s integrated with a high-density memory sponge and PU leather, making it resistant to harshness and scratches.

How good does it sound? And the most unique feature of this chair is its moveable massage lumbar pillow, providing ergonomic support.

  • Extra comfortable with a lumbar and seat cushion
  • Premium PU leather
  • Tilt locking mechanism with a reclining angle of 90 – 155 degrees
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Warranty of 2 months only
  • Unsupportive design for the tailbone

Final Thoughts

Gaming chairs come with additional support and adjustability to generate a better sitting experience. In this way, this Healgen reclining chair with footrest can support you for hours at the work. Although it can be uncomfortable for people with severe pain, this chair can help break away from non-ergonomic positions.

  1. Modern-Depo Gaming Chair Recliner with Bluetooth 4.1 Speakers

Lastly, we will be ending our review of reclining office with footrest on a high-quality, eminent chair that has broken the barriers between conventional designs and modern needs.

We are talking about the high-back swivel gaming chair from Modern-depo that comes with Bluetooth 4.1 speakers.

That’s right! This music gaming chair comes with Bluetooth speakers that can be connected to your smartphone, PC or other devices, so you can enjoy music while dealing with difficult tasks.

With 2 hours charging and 4 hours playing time, this chair defies the ordinary. It can also lie flat, thanks to its 180-degree reclining angle. With an ergonomic design and high-quality material, this high-back chair will change your working station for good.

  • Integrated design with a Bluetooth speaker
  • Adjustable armrest
  • High-quality & durable
  • Reclining angle ranging from 90 to 180 degrees
  • Removable lumbar support
  • Storage pocket designed under the seat
  • No guarantee of warranty
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Slightly distorted audio
  • Unsupportive design for the tailbone

Final Thoughts

If you are motivated for a one-time investment, then you should grab this reclining chair for the office. This reclining chair can support your body and also provide a music experience, unlike your conventional devices.

Wrapping it Up

As evident from our guide above, there goes a lot when answering which is the best reclining office chair with footrest.

There are all kinds of reclining chairs out there, requiring a lot of guesswork. But once you are aware of your needs and requirements, you can choose the right chair without any hassle. We are sure that with the right research, you can find a good one within your budget.

In this regard, we hope our guide has helped you to give a headstart in picking up a chair for yourself. Let us know if you have found the chair you were looking for.

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