5 Best Places to Buy an Office Chair Online

Working for 8 hours a day while staring on a screen, answering calls or dealing with clients can be quite tedious. And most of us do these tasks by sitting. Imagine how paramount a chair is then.

An office chair is not just a chair. It is a supporter of our bodies, helping us stay comfortable and focused when working. In other words, a good chair is an indirect determiner of how well you can do your work.

best places to buy an office chair online

The majority of the employees around the world complain about back pain, sore neck, muscle pull, and other physical weaknesses. All of these calamities are mostly concerned with our body postures.

This is another reason why good office chairs are important. They can offer ergonomic support for helping us maintain a good posture. And this is exactly why it is vital to know which office chairs you should buy and from which store.

To give you an answer, we have analyzed a plethora of stores that sell office chairs to cut out the choices from many to just the perfect one. Looking for an office chair can be quite tedious.

Especially if you are looking for a Herman Miller Aeron Chair. But when we got your back, there’s nothing to worry about. So let’s dig in:

Best Places to Buy Office Chairs Online


Selling Point: Huge collection of office chairs

Wayfair is a pretty popular choice when it comes down to shopping for furniture. Living up to its motive of “a zillion things home,” Wayfair has a wide range of office chairs for just about any budget.

From ergonomic desk chairs to sturdy gaming chairs, Wayfair gives you the choice to buy the right chair as per your feasibility. It even has its own furniture line, known as Birch Lane.

Building upon their promise of effective customer service, Wayfair allows its customers to track their orders from placement to delivery. As a bargainer, you can even avail of a plethora of sales and discounts to save up extra bucks.

Although the quality of Wayfair’s services shackles from time to time, the company offers a full refund in case of damage in the arrival of the product, missing part or not getting what you expected.


Selling Point: Cheap Prices

Who doesn’t know the ultimate choice of shopping, Walmart? Many of us count on Walmart for grocery shopping. But Walmart also features tons of exceptional ergonomic desks and chairs for everyday use.

Other than the convention of bland and simple designs, Walmart offers trending and latest office seating for those who love modern designs. The store has also formulated its own furniture line called MoDRN, which, as the name suggests, offers stylish and modern pieces.

But if you are wondering if the new chair from this store will end up costing you a fortune, then we want to remind you that it’s Walmart – the store known for cheap prices.

Whether you want something to compliment your home office or even a standing desk, you can shop for good-quality office chairs at Walmart. The store also has free 2-day shipping, if you want the chair to be delivered quickly.


Selling Point: Quick Delivery 

Looking for a wider range of options for buying a chair but not that expensive? Then, Amazon is your call. The giant online marketplace has just about everything for everyone’s needs.

From trendy, style brands to inexpensive retailers, Amazon is home to a plethora of brands and companies, like Aeron chairs and flash furniture. If you already buy almost everything from there, you can rest assured to get a desirable office chair as well.

Just like Walmart, Amazon Prime also offers a 2-day shipping feature for those who want to upgrade their office faster than everyone else. With so many options available on the online store, it can be quite difficult to make a choice.

But you should take the time to read the comprehensive Product Descriptions and Reviews to compare your chosen options. You can also use the filters or category options on Amazon to streamline your research. For this, you should also be aware of your needs and preferences.


Selling Point: Lots of Deals

Overstock is a name synonym to quality with affordability. The online store sells a wide range of surplus items and new pieces. In other words, you can also consider it as a warehouse store in the e-commerce world.

The store offers the feasibility to its customers by giving them access to discounted brands and web-only finds. The easy layout and search features allow the customers to easily navigate through products by filtering out products based on style and price.

Another outstanding and cost-effective feature of the store is its shipping policy. The basic shipping fee is not charged if the total cost of the purchases amounts more than $45.

Since most of their items are available in-stock (or overstocked as the name suggests), they are mostly shipped within one or two days. You can also read reviews on the products to decide the best option for your office.


Selling Point: It’s all about office chairs

Coming on our last place to review, OfficeChairs is exactly what it says. The store is all about seating your right. From comfy lounge chairs and computer task chairs to office chairs, the store has an exclusive collection of seating.

You can shop by brand and even materials including PU and Faux Leather, Plastic, Vinyl, Mesh, Fabric, and Wood. Besides this, you can further tone down your research to the style of chairs, allowing you to find exactly what you are looking for.

A subsidiary of Takkt America, it offers free shipping on all of its products, guaranteeing to ship the order swiftly. Some of the orders are even shipped on the same day, all thanks to the sufficient stock available.

Other than this, Office Chairs also offer an exclusive risk-free nine-year guarantee. How well does it sound? You may check out the website for more information.

Things to consider when buying Office Chairs Online

Lumbar Support

Does the promise and reputation of the online store only matters when buying an office chair? Of course, not. Before making your choice, you should have a clear-cut idea of what exactly you should be looking for.

And we’ll start with lumbar support. We spent so much time sitting in the office with endless hours staring at the computer without giving our body any stretch. This is extremely harmful to our spine and backbone.

This is where robust lumbar support comes in the picture. A good chair shouldn’t require any investments in a seat cushion. It should keep your back free from any pain and soar.


Choosing to have armrests or none at all is something people always ask. But if you have ever researched in the perfect posture, you will know that the positions of your arms are critical to the optimum seating posture.

The right armrest can ease the load placed on your back and provide extra support in doing your work.

This is why you should look for a chair that comes with height adjustments for the armrest, allowing you to keep them at an optimum position. You should also consider how wide and big the armrests are.


Who can forget about the budget? We think that price equates to quality. The more expensive a product is the better will it be in terms of quality, sturdiness, and longevity.

But seeing the online stores we have reviewed above, this notion is entirely not correct.

You can find a top-notch office chair within your budget if you look enough. Once you know what kind of chair you want, you should make a list of brands you can buy and pick the one that fits your budget.

Many online stores give discounts and sales offers, which you can enjoy.

In the End

Whether you believe it or not, the place where you buy your office chair matters a lot. You can’t just place an order online, spend a ton of money, and be assured to get something that fits the description and picture on the website, let alone your expectations.

You can’t also afford to buy a room chair when you want a task chair, in other words, make the wrong choice. This is why it is of utmost importance to take time in choosing the online store and the kind of chair you want.

Whether you want to buy something within a low budget, get something delivered to you quickly or take advantage of bonuses and sale offers, you can view the stores in our list to do your research.

Instead of having you hassle over the decision, we have simplified the process in a much efficient way. After all, we can’t test the chairs when buying them online. We have also talked about some factors you should look for in a chair, as the material, longevity, and comfort matters a lot.

So what are you waiting for? Want to get rid of your old office chair and revamp your space with a new one? Are you in need of something to support your posture?

Then, head over to the aforementioned online stores, type in the keywords and pull on your research hats. There’s a good chair for everyone out there.

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