Best Computer Chairs for Back Support [2020]

It doesn’t matter if you are an executive or an average white-collar guy, an entrepreneur or a budding software developer, whether you work from home or office, if you have to sit upright for long hours, a comfortable and ergonomic chair can go a long way in determining your overall posture for sitting at a desk!

Now, I am aware of the Scandinavian proverb that “A good salesman can sell ice to the Eskimos!” That is exactly why I will deliberately afford the luxury to assure you, I don’t want to sell a chair even if you do not need one.

computer chairs for back support

Conversely, if you suffer from eye/neck/shoulder strain or back pain, continue reading. I can state this with fair confidence that you will find some, if not all of your answers right here!

Apart from that, making your sitting area is comfortable with the help of a proper chair can go a long way in reducing shoulder and neck pain.

Therefore, it is advised that even if you are not a hardcore gamer, you better invest a few dollars in getting a suitable chair. Trust me, you won’t regret it one bit.

Not everyone is acquainted with the market well enough to know what they should be looking for, and what to pay for it once they find out! That is exactly why we have compiled a list of some of the best computer chairs for back support available in the market.

5 Qualities of Good computer chairs for back support

  1. Adjustability: One size never fits all. In case you’ve been adhering to it, it’s time to let go of this mantra. It isn’t exactly possible to find a chair that is ‘made-for-you’ without losing some decent cash. Adjustability goes some way to compensate for this. By varying the dimensions like height, recline, and armrest adjustments, you can come as close to a custom model as one can wish for!
  2. Ergonomics: Ergonomics truly separates an ordinary chair from a comfortable chair. The natural bio-morphic of the human body plays a big role in determining the overall comfort level.
  3. Size: People usually overlook the size aspect of the chair when hunting for one. By size, I do not mean the seat size only. Rather, the size of the back. Usually, chairs come in three back sizes, namely: High, Medium and Low. Choose according to your height!
  4. Swivel: Swivel chairs are underrated. You won’t feel the difference unless you switch from a fixed model to a swivel model!
  5. Armrests: Without proper armrests, you might as well not be getting a chair at all! The thing is, when you are providing support to your back, you are shifting the weight of the abdomen to the shoulders. This puts further strain on the shoulder girdle resulting in increased stress and strain in the neck/shoulder/head region! Armrests, therefore, become vital in resting the elbows and providing some breathing space to the shoulders.

7 Best Computer Chair for Back Support

Now, here’s a list of some of the best computer chairs I could dig on the internet. We at Chairslab encourage research and would be glad if you find your ideal chair. Let us know about your experience!

  1. Furmax Office Mesh Chair with Armrest
  2. Classic Leather-Padded Mid-Back Office Desk Chair with Armrest
  3. OFM Essentials Collection Executive Office Chair
  4. Mid Back Mesh Office Computer Swivel Desk Task Chair
  5. Smugoffice Office Chair, Computer Desk Chairs Ergonomic
  6. Executive PU Leather Computer Chair with Adjustable High Back
  7. Sadie Leather Executive Computer/Office Chair with Arms


  1. Furmax Office Mesh Chair with Armrest

Furmax rank at the top end of the furniture manufacturing business. This chair is proof of their outstanding credentials.

The Lumbar vertebrae are located in the lower back region and keep the entire skeleton upright. By designing the chair such that the back protrudes forward, Furmax has achieved a feat of genius.

You can now cure all your back problems without surgeries, therapies, yoga, etc.! Sit on this Furmax for long hours, and say goodbye to back problems.

The chair is easy to set up, and there aren’t many moving parts that need to be fixed. The dimensions of the chair are also adjustable which allows for multiple adjustment options. The material used in the chair is sturdy, and the mesh should hold for quite some time.

  • Lumbar support
  • Mesh back for breathability
  • Updated thick padded
  • Easy to assemble
  • Tight seat
  • Explosion issue
  • Cheap material


  1. Classic Leather-Padded Mid-Back Office Desk Chair with Armrest

Imagine your boss sitting in his office, all snug and comfy! It’s that type of chair. This chair has been designed keeping the office/workplace environment in mind. That is why it will blend right into your workplace.

The design of this model is sleek with very tough leather upholstery that would last a long while. That is to say that the leather is durable and resistant to scratch marks and sharp objects!

The leather lends this chair a very distinct and unique executive sheen that makes it stand out amongst its peers. The manufacturer has specifically designed the chair to reduce lower back pain.

The protrusion at the seat-back junction ensures that it preserves the natural curve of the spine, acting as a natural cure for all your back problems. The mid-back size is best suited for individuals between 5ft 5in to 5ft 10inch height, making it the ideal choice for people who aren’t very short or very tall.

  • Upholstered in black
  • Dual-wheel casters
  • Padded Seats
  • Sharp and Rigit edges
  • Hard assembly
  • Wear and tear issue


  1. OFM Essentials Collection Executive Office Chair

OFM is one of the leading brands in the industry, and they have further enhanced their repertoire by adding this model to an already impressive inventory.

This chair (like the previous one) is leather, which gives it a very formal and ‘means business’ look, making it ideal for the workplace/office environment. This does not mean that it can’t use it at home! Rather, the opposite.

It will make an exquisite piece of furniture in your working area at home.

Another positive thing about this chair is that the back is reclining. This provides additional support to the neck and shoulder regions. It also helps you relax during office breaks and recess periods!

Probably the best thing about this chair is that in case of damage or accident, OFM’s warranty Essentials will cover costs. You can now enjoy the benefits of the chair, being safe knowing that in case someone misuses the chair, OFM has a tremendous warranty policy!

  • Tailored stitching
  • Upper body support
  • Adjustable seat height and seat back
  • No recline
  • Squeaking issue
  • Hard assembly


  1. Mid Back Mesh Office Computer Swivel Desk Task Chair

This is one of the best models on the list, hands down. (I think I’m biased towards mesh chairs. I like them too much!) The mesh has several advantages over leather.

Being breathable and well ventilated, getting a mesh chair means sweat accumulation, which is a very common feature when using leather chairs won’t spoil your shirt.

The design of the chair is clean and modern with a bit of sass about it. The entire unit is lightweight, making it ideal and convenient for moving around the area.

Being lightweight doesn’t mean that the chair is weak. Rather, the chair is made of some very durable material.

Another feature that works in this chair’s favor is that back reclines, and unlike the OFM model, actually holds, thanks to a lever mechanism that is installed. (Instructions can be found in the manual).

The setup and assembly is a breeze. You can assemble your chair in about 20 minutes with no hassle! The swivel and height adjustments that the manufacturer has installed in this chair will enable the best height and posture optimization for users.

  • Well-ventilated backrest
  • Pneumatic controls
  • Suitable for hard floors
  • Easy Assembly
  • Cheap feels
  • Sinking Issue
  • Tight seats
  1. Smugoffice Office Chair, Computer Desk Chairs Ergonomic

SmugOffice, as the name suggests, is dedicated to manufacturing the ideal home/office furniture that will meet the ergonomic need of its customers.

The best advantage of a mesh over leather I haven’t mentioned so far is that it has the added benefit of wrapping itself around your back. This allows much more flexible support to the entire vertebral column than a normal, much more rigid leather chair would ever provide.

The design of the chair is smooth and sleek, and the armrests are very comfortable. The back is reclining, and the seat is made of breathable cushioning, allowing for an improved seating experience.

It seems like SmugOffice’s quality control is top drawer because there have been very few complaints and a ton of compliments, with special praise directed towards its build and material quality. The setup is easy and shouldn’t take over 10-15 minutes. You can assemble and start using it within no time!

  • Breathable Padding Seat
  • Multi-Function Merchanism
  • Smooth and Durable Caster
  • No dimensions listed
  • Hard to assemble
  1. Executive PU Leather Computer Chair with Adjustable High Back

Once again we switch back to leather models. For all the benefits of the mesh chair, I think we can all agree that leather chairs are trendier and lend a posh feel to the environment.

This is one of the most gorgeous chairs I’ve come across during my search, and that too at a very affordable price. The design of this thing is superb. I don’t think I have the proper vocabulary to express how impressed I am by the design of this PU Executive chair!

The design is moderately ergonomic but the recline and some extraordinary cushioning compensates for it somewhat. With this chair, PU has spent more resources on looks and slightly fewer resources on comfort.

I think we can forgive it because unicorns don’t exist, and there isn’t such a thing as perfection now, is there?

The downside is that you will need dust covers or leather wipes. The leather is egg white and will require a proper and thorough cleaning every few days.

  • Supper Easy to put up
  • Extra Comfort
  • Easy to Move
  • Sharp metal feet
  • Hard to assemble
  • No lumbar support
  1. Sadie Leather Executive Computer/Office Chair with Arms

Sadie back this chair with a 3-year limited warranty. I don’t think there’s much else to say about the durability of the product!

This leather chair provides a unique blend between pretty and sturdy. It can support some 250lb of weight, which means it doesn’t matter if you are slightly overweight.

A tall person might find issues with its medium back height. Normally, chairs with a swivel don’t last more than a year of rough use.

This is because of the friction between the swivel handle and the pipe case, which slowly erodes metal. This results in tilting of the seat which results in the chair appearing unbalanced and becomes uncomfortable to sit on.

Not in this case, though. Sadie has explicitly provided a warranty to combat such an issue!

  • Luxurious feel
  • Upper body support with headrest and fixed arms
  • 250 pound weight capacity
  • Cushion has almost no support
  • Small size chair

Final Verdict:

Like I said earlier, one size fits all isn’t a very good mantra to live by, especially when you are looking for a comfortable computer chair. If you work long hours, eventually, you will suffer from one or all of the back, neck, head, eyes or shoulder strain. This won’t do you any good.

I, therefore, advise that you read the details of the chairs thoroughly. The PU leather chair, for instance, is a bit too high, even at the lowest height option. This renders it useless for short people. Similarly, some chairs on this list are mid-back chairs, and therefore not suitable for tall individuals!

We are not marketers and we encourage you to carry out your research and let us know if you find a better model with a slick design! It’s the well-being of the reader that matters the most!

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